Level-based customer loyalty through bonus points

The principle of customer loyalty through bonus points has already been introduced. In addition to the points-based bonus programme, a level-based bonus programme can also be offered in online shops. This includes a playful component. By collecting bonus points, new levels can always be reached. Attractive benefits are then offered for each level.

The advantage over a points-based bonus programme is that customers can actively strive for certain levels, which are then maintained over a long period of time and thus represent good predictability for customers.
Here it would be conceivable that a level achieved is retained “forever” or that bonus points expire after a certain time. A points-based bonus programme can also be linked to a level-based bonus programme.
Perks per level could be discounts on certain products or on the entire range.

This principle can also be used to promote the sale of certain products. It would be conceivable to design the discounts dynamically so that, for example, only sale items receive the discounts or products from a certain category.

Which and how many levels there are in a shop can be individually defined, especially with regard to the desired discount structure. For example, a shop could have the levels “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum”. Through the different levels, a special exclusivity can be created for loyal customers who have reached the highest level “Platinum” at some point.