Point-based customer loyalty through bonus points

Winning customers can be a difficult process that is often not exactly cheap. The goal should therefore be that a customer does not only buy something once in the shop, but instead comes back again and again.
There are various ways to achieve this. One of them is so-called points-based customer loyalty programmes. How does this work?
The customer collects points in the shop with every purchase. By redeeming the collected points, discounts can be granted on the next purchase or certain premium points can be bought.
Points thus offer a good incentive to shop in the same shop again later.
We have taken care of this issue in Shopware 6 and offer the described possibilities with our Bonus System Plugin.

The operation for the customer is relatively simple, in the account area all collected points are clearly listed.
With every order, the points balance is displayed in the shopping basket and can be used for the purchase. It is also possible to display certain premium products in the shop that can only be purchased with points.

As a useful supplement to points-based customer loyalty, level-based customer loyalty through bonus points can also be used.